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Thursday, August 20, 2009

With Apologies to Picnicface

Inspired by "Super Bingo"

Halifax Senior Center Song

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Album releases this fall I'm stoked for

Tuesdays are only good for one thing, in my book. And that, my friends, is new records. Here are some key dates coming up:

September 22
Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk
Admittedly I only just found out about this indie supergroup of Jim James, M. Ward, and the one and only Conor Oberst (via Rainn Wilson's page no less), but the concept alone has piqued my interest. Latter-day Traveling Wilburys? We'll see.

Not wowed by this, but holding out hope for better cuts. "Say Please"

September 29
The Swell Season - Strict Joy
Thoroughly enjoyed the film Once and the accompanying Oscar-winning tuneage provided by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. The man's got some serious pipes and the two of them are quite the team, even if they've moved on from the whole March - July romance thing.

This song isn't from the new album, but it's an awesome live Van Morrison cover they did that I listen to all the time. Enjoy. "Into the Mystic"

October 6
The Mountain Goats - The Life of the World to Come
I'm a pretty big Mountain Goats fan, which is to say that I'm only mildly obsessive (unlike this guy). Bible verses as titles? Maybe a bit presumptuous. But I'll give JD the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, the cover art is SICK.

Reminds me of BNL's "The Old Apartment." A solid though not outstanding track. "Genesis 3:23"

Lucero - 1372 Overton Park
It's been far too long since Ben Nichols and company's last effort, 2006's Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers. Must say that I enjoy the whiskey-soaked, Southern rock-meets-country-meets-punk Americana purveyed by 'em and can't wait for their newest installment to drop.

Judging from this track, sounds like it was worth the wait. Awesome. "Hey Darling Do You Gamble?"