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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The War of Northern Aggression, Part 4

For want of any better concepts at this time, I am posting yet another installment...

Dolorean - Violence in the Snowy Fields (From Violence in the Snowy Fields)
Blood shows up pretty well on snow.

The Fainting Fansies - Volunteer Army (From The Red Shed)
At the start of the war, the Northern Army was comprised largely of volunteers--by the middle of the war the North was increasingly reliant on conscription.

The Go! Team - We Just Won't Be Defeated (From Thunder, Lightning, Strike)
The Go! Team--kindred spirits with Panic! At the Disco, if only because of their love of the exclamation point mid-name. I guess this could be the North's fight song?

Willy Mason - Fear No Pain (From Where the Humans Eat)
Religious conviction helped men on both sides go into battle with less apprehension of death, and this song kind of sums that up.

The Avett Brothers - Die Die Die
The title says it all, I think. Plus, the Avett Brothers are from North Carolina.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Army Bound (Demo)
I like this version better than the one that appeared on Living With the Living, but that might just be me. Either way, it's good.

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