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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I can haz moar monee?
If this is true, then it is assuredly a most epic fail:

"According to NESN's Red Sox reporter Heidi Watney, free-agent catcher Jason Varitek said he was not aware that teams would have to surrender a No. 1 draft pick in order to sign him and he takes full responsibility for his decision to turn down salary arbitration from the Red Sox." - Boston Globe

WHAT?! If I were making a decision like this, I think I would do my homework before I turned down a guaranteed $10-11 million to test the open market after a season in which I had been hopelessly overmatched at the plate. Furthermore, I would expect my agent, who I pay good money to get me the big bucks, to fully brief me on what my options were.

So if we are to believe Varitek's story, then apparently he has some major trouble with fiscal responsibility, and Scott Boras is an even bigger douchebag than anyone has ever given him credit for (and Lord knows they've given him credit).


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