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Friday, October 23, 2009

Finishing the Renovations or: The Battle of the Acoustic and the Golf Sticks

The blog is named what it is because two summers ago I'm playing my acoustic guitar in my room one afternoon and when I leave to go do whatever I leave the guitar on the floor.

Next to my ill-balanced golf bag.

I think you can see where this is going.

So, I come back later that night to find the bag on top of the guitar. I probably rattle off a quickfire string of expletives in disbelief as if my words can undo the damage. I lift the bag off of the guitar and find some decent scratches, dents, and a couple broken strings. Trying to get a read on the greater meaning of the whole situation, I'm not sure if this is some sign from above to quit golfing, which assuredly is robbing time from musical pursuits, or to give up playing guitar to focus on golf, the bag decidedly the victor in the brief struggle.

The guitar still plays well enough, but ever since that day it's got some pretty significant buzzing on the high strings that my own work on the truss rod over the summer didn't make a whole heap of difference with. I've been too lazy/frugal to go a luthier to get it fixed; I'll probably just buy a nicer acoustic when I have the means, and forgo having any repairs done on my current one. I'll just be sure never to leave the new instrument on the floor next to a much heavier, unsteady object (or creature, for that matter).


After several hours of poring over mind-numbing code (and creating a new banner in the clunky, but free and still useful GIMP), I think I've got this whole blog renovation over and done with for now. It's not dramatically different, but I think it's a purddy big improvement over what it looked like a couple weeks ago.

Credit where credit is due: thanks go out to photographer extraordinaire Beckie Moses in regards to the banner background photo, and to the quite helpful for supplying the 3-column framework.

Where do I go from here content-wise? I guess you'll just have to wait and see. Really tempted to revisit the whole music blog enterprise that I flirted with last year but Hype Machine spurned my advances. If at first you don't succeed...

...wallow in self-pity for a year and then consider maybe possibly potentially trying again.

Here goes something.


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