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Friday, January 1, 2010

Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year

...except for that whole annoying thing about having to learn to write the date mm/dd/10. It usually takes me six months to stop writing the previous year down. Do other people suffer from this affliction, or is this yet another stunning indictment of my feeble-mindedness?

Steve Jobs vision. Also includes $$$$$$$ (not pictured).
So what else does the purchase of that new wall calendar/planner mean?
  • I'm that much closer to graduating in the spring. I'm not really ready, and also super ready, if that makes any sense. 
  • One of the cable movie channels is doubtlessly going to put that godforsaken 2010 film on a cycle of ironic showing after ironic showing. I don't have cable so this only has a marginal negative impact on me. But consider yourselves forewarned. Edit: not more than a few hours than originally posting this I discovered much to my dismay that some birdbrain at TCM had decided to show the film. Good riddance.

Don't let the novelty of the title draw you in. Or Cletus the Fetus.
  • According to some whackjobs, there are two years until the apocalypse, so let's use that as an excuse to engage in the hedonistic. Therefore, put your glad rags on and join me hun, Bill Haley style.

  • Maybe The Weakerthans will start recording a new album? Please? (I'm assuming that it's also 2010 in Canada, which may or may not be the case)
  • Not that I particularly care, but Soundgarden is getting back together. All the classics, reinterpreted by Chris Cornell's rapidly deteriorating voice (to be fair, the man is old). But you'll probably still have to take out a second mortgage on your house to get a decent seat.
  • Billy Corgan will continue to be whiny and ungrateful. And bald.
  • My puppy will eventually stop being a puppy.
I don't really believe in making New Year's resolutions because life throws you too many curveballs to really make setting goals like that feasible. However, music-wise, I suppose there's some stuff to catch up on. I really want to listen to that Micah Schnabel LP that I didn't get a chance to spin this year. I got a turntable as an early birthday present so I fully intend to start hoarding vinyl now, George Carlin rant on stuff be damned.

CDs are SO 2002. Plus I've come to the realization that being overzealous about accumulating as many scrobbles as possible is REALLY not the best use of my time, and there's just something about vinyl that's awesome. Thus, I will gladly sacrifice cold, heartless scrobbles for analog awesomeness any day of the week. I'm also probably gonna try to get my hands on some stuff that was on just about everyone's year end best of lists over at punknews and assorted music blogs I frequent. I can't stop, won't stop finding new stuff to listen to.

Since I now see a light the end of the academic tunnel, that's lit the fire in my belly to make some music (it's also about as productive a way of procrastinating as I can think of). So to that end, I'm going to try to get at least an EP's worth of songs written, recorded and posted on the interwebs before the beginning of the spring semester. That doesn't seem like too tall of an order. And of course there will be the requisite open mic performances (let's heed Arlen's call) and whatever The Kid Omega can scrape up in the weeks and months ahead.

2009 was pretty good. Let's make 2010 better.


copacetic said...

I definitely suffer from the same affliction of not writing the correct year on dates for a while - some time into February before I shake it off
- F

Greg said...

Thank you Mr. F, I find it most copacetic that you too are afflicted.

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