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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the one where I protest too much, then engage in spilling caffeine-addled words onto the proverbial page

Before I say anything else, I must give a tip of the cap to my cohort Keegan over at The Chesterfield King, who has been much more productive of late, so much so that his rediscovered blogging dedication is almost (ALMOST) enough to spur me on to try harder.

Second order of business: the ads that Google selects for my page are all too often laughably unrelated to the content of the page. I suppose that's indicative of my predilection to wander aimlessly from topic to topic on this thing than anything else. This realization has planted the seed of a new, ill-begotten experiment. Let's see if this works: CASH4GOLD CASH4GOLD CASH4GOLD CASH4GOLD
(note: the author is in no way associated with CASH4GOLD; however, he is flirting with the idea of starting a gold for cash business if the apocalypse ever looms large, since we all know that when it's crunch time, people are going to want gold and not flimsy pieces of paper. I defer to my friend Fardeen over at my face has a punch in it for more wisdom on the power of gold.)

Third order of business: the new Decemberists album (that "Mossy and Evil" thing that I started getting excited about last July) was at long last released today. Supposedly it's best appreciated as a song cycle in sequential order, so I'll just have to get the whole thing. Spin gave it a 5/10, but then again Spin called Against Me!'s sell-out-o-riffic 2007 effort New Wave album of the year, so suffice it to say that I take what that publication says with a grain of salt (well, maybe more like a salt-lick's worth of salt).


Keegan said...

a. thanks for the shout out.
b. I can't believe the gold thing worked. That's fantastic.
c.15 points for use of "sell-out-o-riffic" especially in conjunction with Wavo Nuevo.

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