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Sunday, March 29, 2009

God-Awful (Backup) Goaltending: It's Called Bruins.

This just in: a clinical study has determined that there is little appreciable difference between Manny Fernandez and an open net. One need look no further than tonight's 7-5 win over The Leafs, a game that most assuredly would have gone into the books as a loss if not for the simple fact that the Bruins were fortunate enough to be facing rookie Toronto goalie Justin Pogge, who got this deer-in-the-headlights look about him every time a puck approached.

Fernandez, who by the way is making more than FOUR TIMES the amount of money that Tim Thomas is this season, has proven himself an expensive liability. Tim Thomas got a lot of flack in the national sports media for allowing that incredibly long game-deciding goal in a 4-3 loss to the Capitals last month, which was unfortunate because Thomas ended up being pigeonholed as an incompetent goaltender who had made an error so egregious that he could never possibly live it down, while Fernandez's frequent inadequacy in the crease was left out of the discussion.

When Jack Edwards exclaims "SAVE BY THOMAS!" it's said with conviction and certainty, as if that's what he was expecting, while when he yells "SAVE BY FERNANDEZ!?" there's more than a hint of surprise contained within the words, as if he was expecting a goal. He's got damn little confidence in the man, and I can't say I blame him.


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