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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Curt's Pitch For the Hall

Of late, Curt Schilling's chances of getting into the Hall of Fame have been a matter of great discussion, and with the newly-retired big lug in the news, the Onion put this together (thanks to Chad Finn over at Touching All The Bases for bringing this to my attention). It made me laugh a bit.

Personally, wasn't a big fan of the whole take eight mil and run bit last season, and his political views don't exactly mesh with mine, but he was one cold clutch playa in the postseason. I'm hoping that gets him in.

Side note
: Who's CHB going to write about now? Maybe he should retire too...


JThomas said...

His numbers in the steroid era alone will get him in the HOF. If I had a vote, he would be a first ballot in my view.

Greg said...

Glad we're in agreement. Really like the new blog by the way.

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