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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Swell Season - Strict Joy

I was one of the masses won over to this band by the film Once a couple years back, and it's really hard for me not to get behind them. They're just such likable folks, ya know? 2006's The Swell Season had some fantastic tunes with good energy. With a largely acoustic act, one expects things to tend to the more low-key side of things, but on their debut they were able to sprinkle in enough cathartic moments to keep things interesting.

This time around, things seem just a bit more even-keeled, with Glen Hansard not letting loose nearly as often. That's not exactly a harsh indictment of the album; it's as well crafted and heartfelt as its predecessor, and is a better than solid sophomore effort from the group. Perhaps with a few more spins I'll grow to love it instead of just like it. The first track "Low Rising" is a nice soulful song (and a pretty fair choice for the lead single), and "In These Arms" is another highlight, just a straight-up good song (and probably the quietest song in which I've ever heard the word "asshole" used).

If you liked their last album, and you can deal with a little less of Glen shouting and a few more strings, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this.
The Swell Season - Low Rising
The Swell Season - In These Arms

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Unknown said...

It amuses me to read your blog sometimes because I feel I often encounter you in moments of insomnia or just general craziness. You are so coherent and together here!

Greg said...

First Tosh, thank you.

The thing about writing is that you are allowed to go back and revise what you originally say a seemingly infinite number of times, and perhaps even consult an online dictionary or thesaurus, whereas in the case of real world conversation, you do not have those options. That is my secret to not sounding like the mess that I typically am in person.

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